Horizontal Machining Center


Standard Spindle Speed: 10000 rpm
X/Y/Z travel: 1000/800/850 mm
X/Y/Z travel: 48/48/48 m/min
Max. load capacity: 1200 kg
Standard Spindle Taper: ISO No.50
Table Size 630×630mm(24.8"×24.8")
Screw Holes M16×P2
Max. Load Capacity 1200kg(2640 lbs)
Min. Index Angle 0.001°  [*0.0001°]
Numble of Pallets 2
Pallet Surface to Floor 1200mm(47.2")
Travel X Aixs 1000mm(39.4")
Y Aixs 800mm(31.5")
Z Aixs 850mm(33.5")
Spindle Nose to Pallet Center 200~1050mm(7.9"~41.3")
Spindle Center to Pallet Surface 80~880mm(3.1"~34.6")
Max. working piece Φ810*H930
Spindle Taper ISO No.50
Diameter Φ90mm(Φ3.5")
Max. Speed 10000rpm
Transmission Direct-Drive
Motor 26kW(35hp)
Max. Torque 16.8kg-m(165N-m)
ATC Capacity 60
Selection Bi-Directional
Max. Tool Diameter x Length Φ118mm x400 mm
Max. Tool Diameter
(without adjacent tool)
Max. Tool Weight 20kg(44 lbs)
Tool Holder Type BT-50
Axes Servo Motor X,Y,Z axes X: 4kW, Y:9kW,  Z: 4kW
Servo Motor B axis 3.0kW(4hp)
Cutting Feed Rate 24m/min
Rapid and Jog Feed Rate X,Z,Y: 48m/min
CNC Controller   FANUC 0iM [*31iM]
Motor Chip Conveyor Motor 188 W
Coolant Pump Motor 1510 W
Flush Pump Motor  1510 W
Hydraulic Oil Tank Motor 1510 W
Coolant Tank Tank Capacity 1050L
Pump Capacity 130L/min
Dimension Floor Space(LxWxH)(Approx.) 3970mm×4930mm×3440mm
Net Weight(Approx.) 20000kg(44000 lbs)
Gross Weight(Approx.) 23000kg(50600 lbs)

Standard accessories
1.  FANUC 0i-MD Controller 13. Manual Pulse Generator(Hand wheel)
2. Spindle Speed:10000rpm 14. Rigid Tapping
3. Spindle  Oil Cooler 15. Auto Power Off
4. Spindle Air Blow System 16. Fully Enclosure
5. Spindle Air Curtain System 17. Chain Type Chip Conveyor
6. Auto Pallet Change 18. Chip Cart
7. 2 Pallets 19. Screw Type Chip Conveyor(2 sides)
8. 0.001°Index pallet 20. Working Light
9. Coolant System 21. Warning Light
10. Flush System 22. Tool Kit    
11. Hydraulic System 23. Leveling Bolt and Pad
12. Auto Lubrication System 24. Aicc function/40 blocks(Fanuc)
Optional accessories
1.  FANUC 31i-MB Controller 10. Oil Mist Collection System
2. Spindle Speed: 6000rpm 11. Oil  Skimmer
3. CTS (closing pressure:40/70bar) 12. Oil  Holder
4. T-slot Pallet 13. Scrape Type Chip Conveyor
5. DD Motor Driven System(B-axis) 14. Transformer
6. 3-axes Optical Scale 15. Air/hydraulic oil source interface
7. Auto.Tool Length Measurement 16. Base clamping place device
8. Auto. Part Measurement 17. Data Server(Fanuc)
9. Oil Mist Cutting System 18. Aicc Ⅱ Function / 200 Blocks ( Fanuc )