Horizontal lathe


Spindle speed: 3500 rpm
Spindle speed(full power output): 233 rpm
Swing over bed: 700 mm
Max turning length: 586 mm

Capacity Swing over bed ∮700mm(∮27.6")
Swing over cross slide ∮495mm(∮19.5")
Std. turning dia. ∮495mm(∮19.5")
Max turning dia. ∮520mm(∮20.5")
Max turning length 586mm(23")
Distance between center 710mm(28")
Travel X axis 260(235+25)mm/10.2"
Z  axis 586mm(23")
Guide way Linear Guides
Spindle Spindle nose A2-8
Spindle bearing dia. ∮130mm(∮5.1")
Max spindle speed  3500rpm
Spindle bore 90mm(3.5")
Draw tube bore 75mm(3")
Chuck size 10 inch / 3-Jaw
C-axis min. index angle -
Turret Turret type mm/inch
Driven way servo motor
No. of tools 12
Tool shank size □25mm(□0.98")
Max. boring bar dia. ∮40mm((∮1.6")
Power turret  Turret type -
Driven way -
No. of tools -
Tool holder spec.(NON-Live) -
Tool holder spec.(Live) -
Tool shank size / boring bar dia. -
Live tooling collet spec./ size -
Max. live tooling speed -
Tailstock Driven way Programmable hydraulic
Center MT# MT#5
Travel 680mm(26.7")
Feedrate X/Z axis rapid feedrate 30m/min.(1181ipm)
Cutting feedrate 1260mm/min.(49.6ipm)
 Servo Motor Spindle motor 15 / 18.5 kW(P-type)
Spindle speed (full power output) 233rpm
Axis motor 15 / 18.5 kW
Servo motor 850 W(1.1hp)
Power turret motor -
CNC Controller   FANUC 0iTD  
Motor Chip conveyor motor 188 W(0.25hp)
coolant pump motor 700 W(0.93hp)
hydraulic pump motor 1510 W(2hp)
Dimension Floor space
Net weight 4650kg(10230lbs)

Standard accessories 
1. FANUC 0iTD controller 9. Auto.lubrication system
2. 3-jaw hydraulic chuck 10. Tool kit
  Soft jaw one set 11. Leveling bolt and pad
  Hard jaw one set 12. Cutting Tool holder(12T)
3. Servo turret (cap. 12T)   2 pcs(YLM-8B&10A)
4. Full enclosed splash gurad 13. Boring Bar holder
5. Working light   6 pcs(YLM-8B&10A)
6. Warning light 14. Boring Bar Bushing 1 set
7. Hydraulic system 15. Driller Bushing 1 set
8. Coolant system    
Optional accessories
1. Collet chuck & collets 11. Live center
2. Auto Tool length measurement 12. Air conditioner(electrical)
3. Parts catcher (belt conveyor) 13. VDI power turret
4. Bar feeder 14. C axis (0.001°)
5. Programmable hydraulic tailstock 15. VDI axial tool holder(non-live)
6.  Chain type Chip conveyor with chip cart 16. VDI radial tool holder(non-live)
7. Auto. Door 17. VDI axial mill tool holder (power)
8. Oil mist collector 18. VDI radial mill tool holder (power)
9. Oil skimmer    
10. Gantry robot