Vertical Machining Center


1020x610x500 X/Y/Z stroke.
Direct drive spindle.
15KW spindle motor.
12000rpm spindle speeds.
36m/min.rapid traverse.
3 linear guides Y-axis.
Item Specification YVM-1000H
Table Size 1070×610mm(42.1"x24")
Working Area 1020×610mm(40.2"x24")
T -Slots 18mm×5(0.7"x5)
Max. Load Capacity 1000kg(2200lbs)
Travel X Axis 1020mm(40.2")
Y Axis 610mm(24")
Z Axis 500mm(19.7")
Spindle Nose to Table Surface 150mm~650mm(5.9"~25.6")
Spindle Center to Cover 400mm(15.7")
Spindle Taper ISO No.40
Diameter 70mm(2.8")
Max. Speed Lo/Hi speed : Lo:4000/Hi:12000rpm
Transmission Direct-Drive
Speed Ratio 1:1
Motor 11kW/15kW (15hp/20hp)
Max. Torque/1250RPM  11.6kg-m (83.9lb-ft)
ATC Capacity 24
Selection Bi-Directional
Max. Tool Diameter x Length 80mm x300 mm(3.1"x11.8")
Max. Tool Weight 8kg(17.6lbs)
Holder Type BT 40 or V40 CT or V40 ANSI
Tool Change Time( Tool to Tool) 1.8 sec.
X, Y, Z-axes Servo Motor X,Y,Z X/Y:1.6kW(2.1hp) ; Z: 4kW(5.4hp)
Cutting Feed Rate 12m/min(472 ipm)
Rapid and Jog Feed Rate 36m/min(1417 ipm)
CNC Controller    FANUC 0iMD/[*31iMB]
Motors Chip Conveyor Motor 188W(0.25hp)
Coolant Pump Motor 700 W(0.93hp)
Coolant Flush Pump Motor 1510 W(2.01hp)
Coolant Tank Tank Capacity 300L(79 gallon)
Pump Capacity 50L(13.1 gallon)/min
Dimension Floor Space (LxWxH)
w/o Chip Conveyor
3000mm x 2100mm x 2830mm
Net Weight 7500kg(16500 lbs)
Gross Weight 8500kg(18700lbs)

Standard accessories
1 FANUC 0iMD controller 11 Chain type Chip conveyor & chip cart
2 Spindle speed 12000rpm 12 Rigid tapping 
3 Spindle motor 15kW (20hp) 13 Auto. power off
4 Spindle Oil cooler (coolant) 14 T-slots table
5 Spindle air curtain device 15 Warning light
6 24 tools arm type magazine 16 Working light
7 Coolant system 17 Tool kit & box
8 Flush system 18 Leveling bolts & pads
9 Auto lubricating system 19 Heat exchanger
10 Fully enclosure 20 Aicc function/40 blocks(Fanuc)
Optional Accessories
1 FANUC 31iMB controller 8 Transformer
2 Spindle speed 15000rpm 9 30 tools arm type magazine
3 Coolant through spindle 10 Air conditioner (electrical cabinet)
4 4th axis CNC rotary table 11 Auto. tool length measurement
5 Oil mist collector 12 Auto. part measurement
6 Oil skimmer 13 Data server (Fanuc)
7 3-axes optical scale 14 Aicc Ⅱ Function / 200 Blocks ( Fanuc/OiMD )